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ZZ + Stroke Z + Stroke A' H . Dimensions other than above are same as basic type. ( ): For the built-in magnet type . o6 is available for both standard and built-in magnet types. . o10 and o16 are available for the standard type (The built-in magnet type is interchangeable.) Bore size(mm) 6 10 16 H Z ZZ Dimensions Specifications CJP2 o6, o10, o16 Applicable series Bore size Other specifications Same as standard type. Clevis / Trunnion style mounting interchangeable (Former CJP) CJP2 series standard model no. X1666 Symbol 1 Clevis / Trunnion Style Mounting Interchangeable -X1666 Made to Order A' 26.5 (21.5) 25 29 43.5 49 53 47.5 55.5 63 18.5 (13.5) 17 19 Series CJP2 Made to Order: Individual Specifications Please contact SMC for detailed dimensions, specifications and lead times. 33 CJ1 CJP CJ2 -Z CJ2 CM2 -Z CM2 CM3 CG1 -Z CG1 CG3 MB -Z MB MB1 CA2 -Z CA2 CS1 CS2 D-ョ -Xョ Technical data