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When operating an actuator with a small diameter and a short stroke at a high frequency, the dew condensation (water droplet) may occur inside the piping depending on the conditions. Simply connecting the moisture control tube to the actuator will prevent dew condensation from occurring. For details, refer to Series IDK in the WEB catalog. Moisture Control Tube Series IDK CJP B 15 Rod end thread With thread Without thread Nil B Embedded type Panel mount type Symbol Single acting, Spring return XC17 XC22 Pin cylinder with rod quenched Fluororubber seals Symbol Specifications Made to Order (o6 to o15) (For details, refer to pages 1699 to 1818.) Panel mount type Mounting Specifications Action Maximum operating pressure o4 o6 o10, o15 Accessory (Standard equipment) Standard equipment Option Single acting, Spring return 0.7 MPa 0.3 MPa 0.2 MPa 0.15 MPa 1 MPa .10 to 70°C (No freezing) Not required (Non-lube) 50 to 500 mm/s None With thread/Without thread +1.0 0 Panel mount type Hose nipple (Except o4) . Embedded type Mounting nut (1) Gasket (1) Rod end nut (2) . When rod end is threaded. Mounting nut (2) Rod end nut (2) Minimum operating pressure Proof pressure Ambient and fluid temperature Lubrication Piston speed Cushion Stroke length tolerance Rod end style Mounting . . A short stroke miniature cyl- How to Order inder with a shorter overall length. The installation space can be significantly reduced because this cylinder can be recessed directly into a machine body or installed on a panel. Thus, the machine can be made more compact. Pin cylinder Application Examples Clamper Ejector Gripper Stopper Bore size 4 6 10 15 4 mm 6 mm 10 mm 15 mm (Hose nipple is not attached to embedded style.) Nil H4 H6 . Refer to caution on piping on page 39. Without hose nipple . For o4/o2.5 tubing For o6/o4 tubing Hose nipple (Applicable to the mounting type B panel mount type (o6 to o15) only.) 10 H4 Made to Order Refer to the table below. Pin Cylinder: Single Acting, Spring Return Series CJP o4, o6, o10, o15 B S Panel mount type Embedded type Mounting o4, o6, o10, o15 Cylinder standard stroke (mm) 5, 10, 15 Embedded type 35 CJ1 CJP CJ2 -Z CJ2 CM2 -Z CM2 CM3 CG1 -Z CG1 CG3 MB -Z MB MB1 CA2 -Z CA2 CS1 CS2 D-ョ -Xョ Technical data A