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Piping Caution Mounting Do not use it in such a way that a load could be applied to the piston rod during the retraction. The spring that is built into the cylinder provides only enough force to retract the piston rod. Thus, if a load is applied, the piston rod may not be able to retract to the end of the stroke. Caution The following fittings are recommended for this cylinder connection. However, there may be a case where the piston speed exceeds 500 mm/sec. even with the recommended fittings for this cylinder. Use a speed controller in such cases. Hose nipple CJ-5H-4 (For o4/o2.5 tubing) CJ-5H-6 (For o6/o4 tubing) Gasket Width across flats 7 Width across flats 8 Gasket . Please be aware that cylinder speed may slow down on the retracting side when using the above one-touch fittings and miniature fittings with a cylinder bore size of o15. Cylinder bore size o4 o6 o10 o15 o2 o4/2.5 o6/4 One-touch fitting Miniature fitting One-touch fitting Miniature fitting M3 x 0.5 M5 x 0.8 KJュ02-M3 M-3AU-2 KJュ02-M5 M-5AU-2 CJ-5H-4 CJ-5H-6 Dedicated hose nipple (with fixed orifice) Applicable bore size Fitting type Connection thread Model . For details about one-touch fittings, miniature fittings and speed controllers (applicable tubing O.D. o2 only), refer to the catalog ES50-25 (B edition or later). Also, for details about speed controllers (applicable tubing O.D. o3.2 to o6), refer to Best Pneumatics No. 6. . Refer to the Fittings and Tubing Precautions (Best Pneumatics No. 6) for how to handle one-touch fittings. AS1001F-02 AS1001F-23 AS1001F-04 AS1001F-06 Applicable bore size (mm) o2 o3.2 o4 o6 M3 M5 M3 M5 M3 M5 M5 AS1211F-M3-02 AS1211F-M5-02 AS1211F-M3-23 AS1211F-M5-23 AS1211F-M3-04 AS1211F-M5-04 AS1211F-M5-06 . . AS1311F-M3-23 AS1311F-M5-23 AS1311F-M3-04 AS1311F-M5-04 AS1311F-M5-06 Connection thread Elbow type meter-in Universal type meter-in In-line type meter-in In addition to the above fittings and hose nipples, the below fittings can also be attached to the cylinder. When using the below fittings be sure to provide a speed controller after adjusting it to 500 mm/s or less. Cylinder bore size o4 o6 o10 o15 M3 x 0.5 M5 x 0.8 One-touch fitting Applicable bore size Fitting type Connection thread Model 3.2 4 3.2 4 6 KJュ23-M3 KJュ04-M3 KJュ23-M5 KJュ04-M5 KJュ06-M5 Recommended Speed Controller Series CJP Specific Product Precautions Be sure to read before handling. Please consult with SMC for the use other than the specifications. 39 CJ1 CJP CJ2 -Z CJ2 CM2 -Z CM2 CM3 CG1 -Z CG1 CG3 MB -Z MB MB1 CA2 -Z CA2 CS1 CS2 D-ョ -Xョ Technical data