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Switch holder (Zinc) Switch bracket (Resin) Auto switch mounting screw Auto switch mounting band a b Auto switch d c D-M9ュ(V) D-M9ュW(V) D-A9ュ(V) D-C7ュ/C80 D-C73C/C80C D-H7ュ D-H7ュW D-H7NF D-H7BA D-B5ュ/B64 D-B59W D-G5ュ/K59 D-G5ュW/K59W D-G5BA/G59F D-G5NT D-G5NB D-A3ュA/A44A D-G39A/K39A D-M9ュA(V) 20 BA2-020 BM3-020 Note 1) BM5-020 25 BA2-025 BM3-025 Note 1) BM5-025 32 BA2-032 BM3-032 Note 1) BM5-032 40 BA2-040 BM2-020A BM2-025A BM2-032A BM2-040A BM3-040 Note 1) BM5-040 Note 2) BM5-020S Note 2) BM5-025S Note 2) BM5-032S Note 2) BM5-040S 20 25 32 3 6 7 8 12 4 7 8 3 6 8 8 12 4 8.5 9 4 6 8 9 13 4.5 9 9 40 3.5 6 8 9 13 5 10 9 D-C7ュ/C80 D-C73C/C80C D-B5ュ/B64 D-A3ュA/A44A D-H7ュ/H7ュW/H7BA D-G5NT/H7NF D-B59W D-H7C D-G39A/K39A D-M9ュ(V) D-M9ュW(V) D-M9ュA(V) D-A9ュ Operating Range Auto switch model Bore size Auto switch model Bore size (mm) (mm) . Values which include hysteresis are for guideline purposes only, they are not a guarantee (assuming approximately ±30% dispersion) and may change substantially depending on the ambient environment. Auto Switch Mounting Brackets/Part No. Note 1) Set part number which includes the auto switch mounting band (BM2-ュュュA) and the holder kit (BJ5-1/Switch bracket: Transparent). Since the switch bracket (made from nylon) are affected in an environment where alcohol, chloroform, methylamines, hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid is splashed over, so it cannot be used. Please consult SMC regarding other chemicals. Note 2) Set part number which includes the auto switch mounting band (BM2-ュュュAS/Stainless steel screw) and the holder kit (BJ4-1/Switch bracket: White). Note 3) For the D-M9ュA (V) type auto switch, do not install the switch bracket on the indicator light. [Stainless Steel Mounting Screw] The following stainless steel mounting screw is available. Use it in accordance with the operating environment. (Since switch mounting bracket is not included, order it separately.) BBA4: For D-C7/C8/H7 types Note 4) Refer to page 1656 for details of BBA4 screws. The above stainless steel screws are used when a cylinder is shipped with the D-H7BAL auto switches. When only an auto switch is shipped independently, the BBA4 screw is attached. (1) BJュ-1 is a set of “a” and “b”. (2) BM2-ュュュA(S) is a set of “c” and “d”. Band (c) is mounted so that the projected part is on the internal side (contact side with the tube). BJ4-1 (Switch bracket: White) BJ5-1 (Switch bracket: Transparent) . With pre-wired connector is also available for solid state auto switches. For details, refer to pages 1626 and 1627. . Normally closed (NC = b contact) solid state auto switches (D-F9G/F9H) are also available. For details, refer to page 1577. . Wide range detection type, solid state auto switch (D-G5NB) is also available. For details, refer to page 1619. Other than the applicable auto switches listed in “How to Order,” the following auto switches are mountable. Refer to pages 1559 to 1673 for detailed specifications. Solid state auto switch Reed auto switch Type Model Electrical entry Grommet (In-line) Features Diagnostic indication(2-color indication) Water resistant(2-color indication) With timer Without indicator light . . D-H7A1, H7A2, H7B D-H7NW, H7PW, H7BW D-H7BA D-G5NT D-B53, C73, C76 D-C80 Series CM3 Auto Switch Mounting 3 282