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Series Variations Series Bore size (mm) Action Rod Mounting D-M9ュ(W), D-A90 D-G5ュ(W), D-K59(W), D-B64 Standard stroke Auto switch (mm) 20 25 to 63 80, 100 25 to 200 25 to 300 CG3 Small auto switches are mountable. (o20 to o63) Series CG3 . For the trunnion type, please contact SMC sales representatives. Bore size (mm) Shortened by . Compared with the basic type with male thread Comparison of the total length with CG1 series 20 25 32 40 50 63 80 100 27 mm 26 mm 26 mm 37 mm 29 mm 29 mm 31 mm 30 mm Applications expanded by making it possible to select either male or female thread within the standard model. Female rod end available as standard 2-color indication solid state auto switch mountable Possible to confirm whether the position is appropriate at a glance. Increases effectiveness of adjustment time. Male thread Female thread Selectable A green light lights up at the optimum operating range. Operating range OFF ON Red Green Red Optimum operating range Total length minimized . The new structure has reduced the total length. . Up to 37 mm shorter than CG1 series, making the product more compact. . Integrated structure of head cover and tube Total length Double acting Single rod Built-in magnet for auto switch Rubber bumper Basic, Foot, Flange, Clevis 370