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Standing type machining center (Drilling center) Horizontal machining center Pressure gauge for tank pressure Pilot valve ON/OFF valve for air blow Air blow circuit ON/OFF valve for oil mist Fixed orifice Oil tank OIL OIL AIR AIR BLOW Supply pressure Pressure gauge for supply pressure Regulator for tank pressure setting OIL Oil tank Fixed orifice ON/OFF valve for oil mist OIL AIR Regulator for tank pressure setting Supply pressure Pressure gauge for supply pressure Pilot valve Pressure gauge for tank pressure LMU100 LMU 00 Mist spray unit Rated voltage 1 2 5 100 VAC (50/60 Hz) 200 VAC (50/60 Hz) 24 VDC Air blow circuit 1 2 Available Not available Standard Specifications Model LMU100 8.4 LMU200 7.9 Inlet air pressure Oil tank set pressure range Oil tank capacity (cm3) Ambient and fluid temperature Solenoid valve voltage Port size Weight (kgf) 0.1 to 1.0 MPa 0.05 to 0.2 MPa Total capacity: 3000 Effective capacity: 2500 5 to 50°C 100 VAC 50/60Hz, 200 VAC 50/60Hz, 24 VDC AIR : T0604 (o6 tube) applicable OIL : T0425 (o4 tube) applicable AIR BLOW : T0806 (o8 tube) applicable Float switch None For the upper and lower limit control SW turns OFF when the float is on the upper side. SW turns ON when the float goes down. Contact capacity 50 VA AC, 50 W DC 0 3 ( ) Recommended Equipment Control Circuit It is recommended to use each mist spray unit type with the mixing valves, magnet holders, branch pipes and nylon tubes listed in the table below. This unit, with an oil tank and a spray ON/OFF control unit, sends oil and air to the mixing valve. Mist spray unit LMU100-ュュ LMU200-ュュ This valve adjusts the amounts of oil and air from the mist spray unit using built-in oil and air needles, and also discharges oil mist from the nozzle. Mixing valve LMV110-ュュ LMV120-ュュ LMV210-ュュ LMV220-ュュ This magnet holder enables the mixing valve installed on the arm end to be freely attached to the iron and steel parts such as machining tools, etc. Magnet holder LMH10 LMH20 This pipe is used to separate oil and air from the mist spray unit when using several mixing valves. Branch pipe LMD1-ュ LMD2-ュ This tube is used for the air piping and oil piping between the mist spray unit and the mixing valve. Nylon tube OIL T0425ュ AIR T0604ュ AIR BLOW T0806ュ OIL T0425ュ AIR T0604ュ LMU100-ュュ LMU200-ュュ 1 1 3 OUT 3 x Rc 1/4 SUP Rc 1/4 Intermittent spray to cutting and press gear chains, etc. Application Examples Series LMU100/200 Mist Spray Unit How to Order 967 AL800 AL900 ALF ALT ALD ALB LMU ALIP AEP HEP