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( ): Dimensions for ALT10-S12 ( ): Dimensions for ALT20-S12 (SW operating position) Bracket (344 (Full length)) 3 x M5 x 0.8 thread depth 6 276.5 (Full length) Wrapping direction Sealant tape Expose approx. 2 threads Option/Dimensions Oil tank: ALT10 Oil tank: ALT20 Lubrication plug Lubrication plug Series ALIP1000/1100 Mounting Handling Precautions Adjustment 1. At the time of shipment, the impulse lubricator is set for an oil discharge volume of 0.02 cm3, but when necessary, this can be adjusted by pulling the handle to release the lock, then rotating the handle. 2. Rotating the handle to the right will reduce the volume of discharge, while rotating it to the left will increase it. One revolution of the handle will change the discharge volume by only about 0.007 cm3. After adjustment, push the handle back in to lock it. Lubrication 1. After supplying oil to the oil tank, a large volume of air bubbles will be mixed in with the oil, so either wait for the air bubbles to dissipate, or use vacuum suction to remove the bubbles before using the equipment. 2. If air enters the interior of the impulse lubricator pump chamber, oil will cease to be discharged; if this happens, be sure to release the air. 3. Never screw any plug, etc. into the OIL OUT side of the impulse lubricator. 3. To screw a piping material into a component, tighten it by hand while holding the female thread side, and then tighten it two or three turns with an appropriate tool. For a tightening torque guide, refer to the table on the right. Excessive tightening may damage the threads or internal parts, and insufficient tightening may cause seal failure or loosen the threads. Furthermore, tightening without holding the female thread side can cause damage due to the excessive force that is applied directly to the bracket. Additionally, the screw-in depth of the fitting to the oil outlet should be 6 mm or less. If the fitting is screwed in 6 mm or more, the internal parts may be broken, causing malfunction. 4. Mount the ALIP1000-01 with the OIL OUT side facing upwards. 5. When using the oil tank while exposing it to the outside air, mount it in a higher position than the impulse lubricator. 6. Provide enough space above the air release knob of the impulse lubricator to release the air. 7. For Series ALT10, a slight clearance is provided between the product and bracket. If this clearance is not allowable, contact SMC. Connecting thread size Recommended tightening torque 1/8 3 to 5 1/4 8 to 12 1. Mount the air pipes after sufficiently flush- Recommended tightening torque (N・m) ing them. 2. When screwing in pipes or fittings, be careful to avoid letting cutting chips from pipe screws, sealant, etc. get mixed in. When wrapping with pipe tape, be sure to leave 1.5 to 2 threads remaining unwrapped. A 976