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*Refer to the auto switches (Front matter 13) for the models that can be mounted on air grippers. Air Grippers Description Series 90- Remarks Parallel Type Air Gripper Standard Long stroke With dust cover Wide 3-finger air gripper 4-finger air gripper Long stroke (with dust cover) Low Profile Air Gripper o16 to o40 o10 to o25 o10 to o25 o10, o16, o20 o8, o12, o16, o20 o16, o20, o25 o16, o20, o25 MHZ2 MHZL2 MHZJ2 MHZL2 MHL2 MHF2 MHS3 MHS4 91- Vacuum Equipment Description Series 25- Remarks Space Saving Vacuum Ejector & Vacuum Pump System Large Size Vacuum Module Vacuum Ejector Air Suction Filter Vacuum Pad Ejector unit Manifold Ejector unit Manifold Body ported Pad With one-touch fittings In-line Vertical vacuum entry (without buffer) Vertical vacuum entry (with buffer) 90- ZR ZZR ZQ ZZQ ZH ZFC ZPT ZPT ZP With connector cover Pad material: Fluororubber Pad material: Fluororubber With connector cover -X125: Port exhaust Compatible with standard models Compatible with standard models Mounting on a special adapter Pad material: Fluororubber 91-XC4 25- 90- series, 91- series, and 91- XC4 series are for o20 and o25. 25- series is for o10 and o32. *1 Applicable Products *1 Please contact SMC for o40. : Available as standard : Consult your SMC sales representative. : Available as standard : Consult your SMC sales representative. : Made-to-Order Front matter 10