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Series LVC Series TL/TIL Series SRF Series LQ1 Series PF2D Series PAF Series LQ3 Monitor Sensor Related Products Equipment made with fluoropolymer excels in corrosion resistance and heat resistance. . Air Operated Chemical Valve Series LV . Clean Regulator/ Fluoropolymer Type Series SRF . Digital Flow Switch for Deionized Water and Chemicals Series PF2D . Non-Metallic Pump/ Double Acting Pump Series PAF . Fluoropolymer Fittings Hyper Fitting Series LQ1/LQ3 . Fluoropolymer Tubing Series TL/TIL . FEP Tubing (Fluoropolymer) Series TH/TIH . Soft Fluoropolymer Tubing Series TD/TID 2 Fluoropolymer 3 Antistatic Equipment Series KA Series TA Antistatic performance achieved through conductive measures for a reduction in static-related trouble. . Antistatic Air Cylinder (Made to Order) CM2-X1051 . Antistatic One-touch Fittings Series KA . Miniature Fittings/Stainless Steel 316 Series MS . Miniature Fittings Series M . Antistatic Tubing Series TA . Antistatic Speed Controller (Made to Order) AS-X260 . Vacuum Pad Series ZP Consult SMC about “Material restriction”. Consult SMC about “Material restriction”. Pressure Control Equipment Fittings and Tubings Flow Sensor Fluid Control Equipment Pump Actuators Vacuum Equipment Fittings and Tubings Flow Control Equipment Front matter 16