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4 Static Neutralization Equipment 5 Explosion Proof Equipment 6 Electric Actuators/Cylinders Related Products Series IZD/IZE Monitor Sensor Ions generated by corona discharge neutralize static electricity. . Ionizer Series IZS31 . Ionizer/Nozzle Type Series IZN10  Measurement Equipment Measures the electrostatic potential. . Electrostatic Sensor Series IZD10/IZE11 . Handheld Electrostatic Meter Series IZH10 Series IZS31 Series LJ1 Series LX Series LEHZ Series E-MY2 . Intrinsically Safe Explosion-proof System 5 Port Solenoid Valve Series 51-SY . Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve Series 50-VFE/VPE . Electric Actuator Series LJ1/LG1 . Electric Actuator with Integrated Guide Series LTF . Short Stroke Electric Actuator Series LX . Electric Cylinder Series LZB/LDZB/LZC/LDZC . Electric Gripper Series LEHZ/LEHF . Electric Slide Table Series LES . e-Rodless Actuator Series E-MY2 Series 51-SY Series 50-VFE/VPE Consult SMC about “Material restriction”. Consult SMC about “Material restriction”. Consult SMC about “Material restriction”. a Front matter 17