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Material restriction + Lub-retainer Service life has been improved with a lub-retainer compared with SMC’s standard models. Compatible with a low dew point (.40°C). Material restriction + Lub-retainer + Heavy-duty scraper Dustproofing has been improved with a lub-retainer and heavy-duty scraper. Material restriction + Vacuum port for vacuum suction Using a vacuum port for vacuum suction enables reducing more dust particles than 90- series. For longer life, low dew point Dust-tight Low dust Material restriction Copper metal restriction Series Compatible with Secondary Batteries Compatible with main products to terminal devices Copper metal, Zinc, Nickel Nickel plating, Zinc chromate Copper metal, Nickel plating 91-Series 92-MSQB Series 91--XC4 Series 90-Series 25-Series C-E08-6A