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Resin bushing Steel + RaydentR treatment Pivot bracket Resin bushing + Steel + RaydentR treatment Mounting Bracket Foot style, Trunnion style, Flange style etc. ( ) indicate the restricted materials. *Actuators do not use metal containing copper. Tie-rod nut Material Steel Stainless steel 304 Bushing Material Copper Steel Piston rod Carbon steel + Hard chrome plated Stainless steel 304 + Hard chrome plated Material Rod end nut Steel Stainless steel 304 Material RaydentR treatment Actuators Mounting dimensions are the same as those of the standard series.  Floating Joint External parts such as casings, studs, threads, and nuts are changed to stainless steel. Change of outer tube surface treatment 90-RB Series Mounting screw material changed to stainless steel Resin connector D-M9BWSDPC-900 Series Material Change (Related Products) Material restriction 90- Series *The lead wires and connector pins are made of copper. 90-CDG1 Series Double clevis style 91- 90-J Series  Auto Switch The connector material of the auto switch with pre-wired connector has been changed to resin, and the auto switch mounting screw material has been changed to stainless steel.  Shock Absorber The outer tube surface treatment has been changed to RaydentR treatment. Using lowdust fluorine grease. Front matter 3