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Using a vacuum port for vacuum suction enables reducing more dust particles than 90- series. 92-MSQB Series Material restriction + Vacuum port for vacuum suction  Recommended System Circuit Secondary battery manufacturing process When the pneumatic equipment is used in the secondary battery manufacturing process, the system circuit shown below is recommended for dust particle generation countermeasures. q e r w r rClean Exhaust Cleaner/90-AMP Series Exhaust air treatment from solenoid valves and regulators When exhaust air from the solenoid valve or the relief port/bleed hole of the regulator enters the clean exhaust cleaner (90-AMP series), it can prevent dust particles from being emitted. Rotary Actuator A vacuum port for vacuum suction has been added to reduce the number of dust particles being emitted from the bearing part. Recommended System Circuit for the Secondary Battery Manufacturing Process 92-MSQB Series Vacuum port (Vacuum suction) q Exhaust piping of the solenoid valve w Breathing piping for the regulator e Drainage piping Front matter 6