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*Refer to the auto switches (Front matter 13) for the models that can be mounted on actuators. *1 Not compatible with o20 and o25. Actuators Description Series 90- 91- Air Cylinder CDJ2 CDM2 CDG1N CDG1A MDB CDA2 Standard Standard Standard 91-XC4 25- Remarks o10, o16 o20 to o40 o40 to o100 o40 to o100 *1 Directional Control Valves Description Series 90- Remarks 5 Port Solenoid Valve Separate Type Double Check Block 3 Port Solenoid Valve Finger Valve 25- SY5000, 7000 SV2000, 4000 VQ1000Y, 2000Y VQ1000 VQ2000 VP342, 542 VP742 VT317 VG342 VHK2 : Available as standard : Consult your SMC sales representative. Rubber Bumper Air Cushion 90- series for o20 to o50 25- series for o20 to o100 25- series for o25 to o100 Standard (Double acting only) Applicable Products  Material restriction: 90- series  Material restriction + Lub-retainer: 91- series  Material restriction + Lub-retainer + Heavy-duty scraper: 91--XC4 series  Material restriction + Vacuum port for vacuum suction: 92- series Standard (Double acting only) : Available as standard : Consult your SMC sales representative. : Made-to-Order Front matter 7