ncm   35 / 85



25 Air Cylinder: Non-rotating Rod Single Acting, Spring Return Series NCM Mounting Bore size Inches Note 2) Nil D None Built-in magnet with auto switch Stroke - - - How to Order NC MK B 075 01 00 M9BW Built-in magnet Non-rotating rod Nil C Note 3) Without bumper Bumper Bumper S Spring return Action Nil Without auto switch Auto switch Nil S n 2 pcs. 1 pc. “n” pcs. 075 088 106 125 150 3/4" 7/8" 1-1/16" 1-1/4" 1-1/2" B C E Front nose mount Rear pivot mount Double end mount Standard stroke Number of auto switches Note 1) Not available with double rod (W), block mount (R), rod boot. Note 2) See specifications for standard and maximum stroke lengths. Note 3) Bumper is offered at no additional cost on o7/8" and o1-1/4". They are options on the other bore sizes. The “C” after the bore size must be included in either case. Bumper affects cylinder overall length of some models. Refer to the dimensional data. Option Hundredths of an inch (i.e. 06 = 0.06") Nil None X163US Heavy duty spring . For applicable auto switch models, refer to the table on page 28. When ordering multiple options, refer to options compatibility page to ensure options availability.