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Features 1 Now available in 8 different bore sizes, 7/16" to 2". 5 Actuation options available: . Double Acting, Single Rod . Double Acting, Double Rod . Non-rotating Rod . Single Acting, Spring Return . Single Acting, Spring Extend A wide variety of mounting configurations: . Front Nose Mount . Rear Pivot Mount . Double End Mount . Block Mount . Foot Mount (optional brackets) Chrome plated carbon steel piston rod improves corrosion resistance. Stainless steel 304 is available for further protection. Available bumper for increased kinetic energy absorption, increased life cycles, and decreased noise. Piston is crimped to rod to achieve tighter clearances and reduce piston rod deflection. Chromated aluminum piston improves corrosion resistance. Magnetic actuated limit switches are available as a standard option. Seal, wear ring, and polished stainless steel tube work together to absorb side load and decrease overall friction, ensuring long lasting service life. (Wear ring used on 3/4" bore and larger.) Rolled threads for increased strength. Pre-lubricated at the factory means that the NCM does not require a lubricated air system. Clear anodized end covers provide long lasting protection against corrosion. Full port design increases cylinder response. Air Cylinder Series NCM