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53 Series NCM Auto switch model Bore size D-M9(V) D-M9W(V) D-A9(V) Auto Switch Mounting D-G5NTL D-B5/B59W/B64 D-H7 D-H7W D-H7BAL D-H7NF D-C7/80 D-C73C/80C D-H7BAL switch is set on the cylinder with the stainless steel screws (BBA4) above when shipped. When only a switch is shipped independently, BBA4 screws are attached. Stainless steel screw set The set of stainless steel mounting screws described below is available and can be used depending on the operating environment. As auto switch bracket is not included, order separately. Auto Switch Mounting Bracket Part No. NCMB-200 BJ3-1 Note 1) 200 NBM2-150 BJ3-1 Note 1) 150 NBM2-125 BJ3-1 Note 1) 125 NBM2-106 BJ3-1 Note 1) 106 NBM2-088 BJ3-1 Note 1) 088 NBM2-075 BJ3-1 Note 1) 075 BJ2-015 BJ3-1 Note 1) 056 BJ2-012 BJ3-1 Note 1) 044 . . NBA-075 NBA-088 NBA-106 NBA-125 NBA-150 NCMA-200 BJ2-012 BJ2-015 NBM2-075 NBM2-088 NBM2-088 NBM2-125 NBM2-150 NCMB-200 Part no. Applicable auto switch mounting bracket part no. Applicable auto switch Content BBA3 BBA4 D-G5NTL D-B5 D-B64 D-H7 D-C7 D-C80 Detailed Contents of Stainless Steel Mounting Screw Sets Description Size M4X0.7X22L Qty. 1 NBA-075/088/106/125/150 NCMA-200 Auto switch mounting screw M3X0.5X14L 1 BJ2-012/015 NBM2-075/088/106/125/150 NCMB-200 Auto switch mounting screw Note 1) Two types of auto switch mounting brackets are used as a set. Note 2) D-G5NTL, B5, B64, B59W cannot be mounted on models with bore size 044 and 056. a Switch mounting band b Switch mounting screw d Switch holder (Resin) Set screw (Not used) Auto switch e Switch spacer (Stainless steel) c Switch bracket (Stainless steel) Cylinder tubing A set of the parts marked a and b in the diagram is used for types BJ2-, NBM2-, and NCMB-200. A set of the parts marked c , d and e in the diagram is used for type BJ3-1.