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55 Series NCM Auto Switch Specifications Auto Switch Common Specifications Type Leakage current Operating time Impact resistance Insulation resistance Withstand voltage Ambient temperature Enclosure Standard Reed switch None 1.2 ms 300 m/s2 50 MΩ or more at 500 VDC Mega (between lead wire and case) .10 to 60°C Conforming to CE IEC60529 standard IP67 Solid state switch 3-wire: 100 μA or less 2-wire: 0.8 mA or less 1 ms or less 1000 m/s2 1500 VAC for 1 minute (between lead wire and case) Note) 1000 VAC for 1 minute (between lead wire and case) Lead Wire Lead wire length indication (Example) L M 0.5 m 3 m 1 m Z 5 m Nil Lead wire length D-M9BW L (Example) Flexible specification D-H7BAL- 61 Lead wire length Tolerance ±15 mm ±30 mm ±90 mm ±150 mm 0.5 m 1 m 3 m 5 m Internal Circuit Dimensions Connection Contact Protection Boxes: CD-P11, CD-P12 D-A9/A9V/C7/C80/C73C/C80C type The auto switches below do not have a built-in contact protection circuit. A contact protection box is not required for solid state switches due to their construction. Therefore, please use a contact protection box with the switch for any of the following cases: CD-P11 To connect a switch unit to a contact protection box, connect the lead wire from the side of the contact protection box marked SWITCH to the lead wire coming out of the switch unit. Keep the switch as close as possible to the contact protection box, with a lead wire length of no more than 1 meter. CD-P12 Specifications Note 1) Applicable auto switch with 5 m lead wire “Z” Solid state switch: Manufactured upon receipt of order as standard. Note 2) 1 m (M): D-M9 only. Note 3) Lead wire tolerance Model D-LC05 D-LC30 D-LC50 Lead wire length 0.5 m 3 m 5 m Note) D-C73C/C80C type: 1000 VAC/min. (Between lead wire and case) Surge absorber Choke coil OUT Brown OUT Blue OUT (+) Brown OUT (.) Blue Choke coil Zener diode Where the operation load is an inductive load. Where the wiring length to the load is greater than 5 m. Where the load voltage is 100 VAC. The contact life may be shortened (due to permanent energizing conditions). Where the load voltage is 110 VAC. Where the load voltage is increased by 10% of the rated voltage for the above applicable auto switch model (except for D-C73C, C80C), you can use the auto switches at a load voltage of 110 VAC by using a contact protection box (CD-P11) and setting the load current within the current range in which the maximum load current is decreased by 10%. Solid state switch with oilproof flexible heavy-duty vinyl cord indication To designate solid state switches with flexible specifications, add “-61” after the lead wire length. Flexible cable is used for D-M9, D-M9W as standard. There is no need to place the suffix -61 at the end of the part number. Lead wires with connector indication Part No. of Lead Wires with Connectors (Applicable for connector type only) . Lead wire length Switch connection side 0.5 m Load connection side 0.5 m Part no. Load voltage Max. load current CD-P11 100 VAC 25 mA 200 VAC 12.5 mA CD-P12 24 VDC 50 mA CD P SMC VOLT SWITCH 3.4 4.4 46 38 o3.4 15.5 18 9