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64 Connector Reed Switch: Band Mounting Style D-C73C/D-C80C Weight Dimensions Auto switch part no. 0.5 3 5 14 53 83 14 53 83 D-C73C D-C80C Unit: g Unit: mm Lead wire length (m) D-C73C (With indicator light) Auto switch part no. Applicable load Load voltage Load current range Note 4) Contact protection circuit Internal voltage drop Indicator light Standard D-C73C Relay, PLC 24 VDC 5 to 40 mA None 2.4 V or less Red LED illuminates when turned ON. Conforming to CE D-C80C (Without indicator light) Auto switch part no. Applicable load Load voltage Maximum load current Contact protection circuit Internal resistance Standard D-C80C Relay, PLC 24 VAC/DC or less 50 mA None 1 Ω or less (including lead wire length of 3 m) Conforming to CE  Lead wires . Oilproof heavy-duty vinyl cable: o3.4, 0.2 mm2 x 2 cores (Brown, Blue), 0.5 m Note 1) Refer to page 58 for reed switch common specifications. Note 2) Refer to page 58 for lead wire lengths. Note 3) Lead wire with connector may be shipped with switch. Note 4) Under 5 mA, the strength of the indicator light is poor. In some cases, visibility of the indicator light will not be possible where the output signal is less than 2.5 mA. However, there is no problem in terms of contact output, when an output signal exceeds 1 mA or more. PLC: Programmable Logic Controller Auto Switch Specifications Auto Switch Internal Circuit D-C73C D-C80C Blue Resistor Zener diode Brown OUT (+) Brown OUT (.) Blue Choke coil Contact protection box CD-P12 Zener diode Contact protection box CD-P11 CD-P12 OUT (±) Brown OUT ( ) Blue Note) In a case where the operation load is an inductive load. In a case where the wiring load is greater than 5 m. Use the contact protection box in any of the above listed situations. The contact point life may decrease. (Refer to page 58 for contact protection box.) 1.Confirm that the connector is appropriately tightened. If tightened insufficiently, the waterproof performance will deteriorate. 2. For how to handle a connector, refer to “Best Pneumatics 2004” Vol. 6 catalog. Operating Precautions Caution Reed switch Reed switch LED diode ± Indicator light D-C80C type comes without indicator light 30 9 6.7 o10 8 6.5 4.3 o3.5 o3.4 9.5 Most sensitive position 26 14 11.5 8