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Back page 8 Series NCM Auto Switches Precautions 4 Be sure to read this before handling. Maintenance Warning Warning 1. Removal of equipment, and supply/exhaust of compressed air Before any machinery or equipment is removed, first ensure that the appropriate measures are in place to prevent the fall or erratic movement of driven objects and equipment, then cut off the electric power and reduce the pressure in the system to zero. Only then should you proceed with the removal of any machinery and equipment. When machinery is restarted, proceed with caution after confirming that appropriate measures are in place to prevent actuators from sudden movement. Caution 1. Perform the following maintenance periodically in order to prevent possible danger due to unexpected auto switch malfunction. 1) Secure and tighten auto switch mounting screws. If screws become loose or the mounting position is dislocated, retighten them after readjusting the mounting position. 2) Confirm that there is no damage to lead wires. To prevent faulty insulation, replace auto switches or repair lead wires, etc., if damage is discovered. 3) Confirm the lighting of the green light on the 2-color indicator type auto switch. Confirm that the green LED is on when stopped at the established position. If the red LED is on, the mounting position is not appropriate. Readjust the mounting position until the green LED lights up. Caution 8. Please consult SMC concerning water resistance, elasticity of lead wires, usage at welding sites, etc. 9. Do not use in direct sunlight. 10. Do not mount the product in locations where it is exposed to radiant heat. Operating Environment 1. Never use in an atmosphere of explosive gases. The structure of auto switches is not intended to prevent explosion. Never use in an atmosphere with an explosive gas since this may cause a serious explosion. Caution 1. Do not use in an area where a magnetic field is generated. Auto switches will malfunction or magnets inside cylinders will become demagnetized. (Consult SMC regarding the availability of a magnetic field resistant auto switch.) 2. Do not use in an environment where the auto switch will be continually exposed to water. Although auto switches satisfy IEC standard IP67 construction, do not use auto switches in applications where continually exposed to water splash or spray. Poor insulation or swelling of the potting resin inside auto switches may cause malfunction. 3. Do not use in an environment with oil or chemicals. Consult SMC if auto switches will be used in an environment with coolant, cleaning solvent, various oils or chemicals. If auto switches are used under these conditions for even a short time, they may be adversely affected by improper insulation, malfunction due to swelling of the potting resin, or hardening of the lead wires. 4. Do not use in an environment with temperature cycles. Consult SMC if auto switches are used where there are temperature cycles other than normal temperature changes, as there may be adverse effects inside the auto switches. 5. Do not use in an environment where there is excessive impact shock. When excessive impact (300 m/s2 or more) is applied to a reed switch during operation, the contact point will malfunction and generate or cut off a signal momentarily (1 ms or less). Consult SMC regarding the need to use a solid state switch depending upon the environment. 6. Do not use in an area where surges are generated. When there are units (solenoid type lifter, high frequency induction furnace, motor, radio equipment etc.) which generate a large amount of surge in the area around cylinders with solid state auto switches, this may cause deterioration or damage to the auto switch. Avoid sources of surge generation and disorganized lines. 7. Avoid accumulation of iron waste or close contact with magnetic substances. When a large amount of iron waste such as machining chips or spatter is accumulated, or a magnetic substance (something attracted by a magnet) is brought into close proximity with an auto switch cylinder, it may cause the auto switch to malfunction due to a loss of the magnetic force inside the cylinder.