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o9 25 4 M5 8 No relief port piping Space-saving No piping to the relief port is required. Mounting the exhaust filter on the relief port of SMC Clean Series product (10- series, etc.) allows for the direct exhaust in the clean room. Dimensions Caution ! Use this product in an atmosphere that does not adversely affect its materials. ! Do not use this product in air containing ozone, since it may break. ! Replace the filter when any of the following conditions occur. 1) After being in service for 2 years. 2) Cylinder replacement or maintenance is performed. ! Tighten this product with a tightening torque of 0.2 N・m or less. Specifications Part number SFE11-X1 Fluid Air Inlet pressure 0 to 0.1 MPa Operating temperature range 5 to 45°C Filtration rating 0.01 μm (Trapping efficiency 99.99%) Maximum flow capacity 1 L/min (ANR) Port size M5 x 0.8 AMP Exhaust filter After installation Valve Inside of clean room Cylinder AMP No relief port piping is required. Valve Inside of clean room Cylinder AMP Relief port piping Existing system System circuit diagram As the exhaust filter for clean room is mounted on the cylinder, no relief port piping is required, and it allows for the direct exhaust in the clean room. Built-in hollow fiber membrane (Polyolefin, PU) Filtration rating: 0.01 μm Body material PBT Gasket NBR, Stainless steel alloy The hollow fiber membrane has a porous construction with numerous fine holes on a straw type fiber membrane wall. The hollow fiber membrane filter traps and filtrates the impurities from the compressed air through the overlapping layered fine holes. Complies with Cleanliness Class 4 (Conforming to ISO14644-1) SFE11-X1 12-E606 Exhaust Filter for Clean Room (For Relief/Exhaust) Exhaust cleaner for clean room Series AMP Exhaust filter for clean room SFE11-X1 On the relief port of cylinder INFORMATION