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When grippers/cylinders perform linear/rotational movement, the moisture control tubes buckle due to the small minimum bending radius. Since other tubes with a small bending radius are used on moving par ts, the buckling trouble of the moisture control tubes can be reduced. Moisture control tube Polyurethane tube Linear shape Coil shape Polyurethane tube Rotational movement Tube buckling Rotational movement Reduces tube buckling! Moisture control tube Coil shape Moisture Control Tube Coil Shape * Prevents condensation in piping for small cylinders/air grippers. Tube buckling of moving part reduced. Specifications Model IDK04-100-C1 Fluid Compressed air Maximum operating pressure 0.7 MPa Operating temperature 0 to 40°C (No freezing) Operating environment *1 Indoors, where product is not exposed to water (0 to 40°C, Relative humidity 0 to 75%RH) O.D. 4 mm I.D. 2.5 mm Tube effective length *2 100 mm Quantity 2 pcs. Color Transparent (Color will change to brown over time, but the functions are not affected.) Applicable fittings KQ2 Material Fluoropolymer Note 1) Use the moisture control tube in a line with a refrigerated air dryer and a mist separator installed in the upstream compressed air line. The condensation prevention performance may be lowered depending on the quality of the supply compressed air (oil, dew point). Note 2) The inner sleeve is already mounted and cannot be removed. If the inner sleeve comes off, re-insert the sleeve before mounting the fitting. Note 3) Do not cut the tube. *1 Use the product in an operating environment where humidity is as low as possible. *2 The length when the tube is straight. This effective length is made into a coil shape. INFORMATION 14-E630 IDK04-100-C1