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Safety Instructions Be sure to read “Handling Precautions for SMC Products” (M-E03-3) before using. Section B details (A) (o20) (24) Section B Width: Min. (12) Max. (20) o4 (Tube O.D.) Inner sleeve (Stainless steel) Dimensions (per tube) 1. This product is the IDK04-100 with a coil shape, so the performance is the same as the IDK04-100. 2. This product is for preventing condensation in small actuators, air operated valves, and pilot parts. Please contact SMC for other applications. 3. When this product is stored or used for long periods, the dimensions and shape may change. Note that the shape of this product tends to change easily, particularly in high temperature and humidity environments. 4. Fix the tube during installation so that there are no buckling and/ or flattening. This product is not suitable for installation in locations that move at high frequencies. 5. Do not stretch or shake this product when using. 6. When connecting this product to a fitting, hold the tube and slowly push the tube straight (0 to 5°) into the fitting until it stops. Pull the tube back gently to make sure that it is connected firmly. If the tube is not installed correctly, it may cause air leaks, or the tube may be disconnected. 7. As a guide, connect the tube to the fitting until the inner sleeve is not visible from the fitting. 8. Due to the characteristics of the product, the color may change to brown. However, there is no problem with its use. 9. Do not use this product in locations where there are problems with static electricity. 10. Do not use this product in locations where spatter is generated. 11. Do not use in an environment where the product is directly exposed to cutting oil, lubricant, coolant oil, etc. 12. Do not use in environments where foreign matter may stick to the product or get mixed in the product’s interior. * Due to the material, the above dimensions may vary depending on the environment (temperature, humidity) including the spread of dimension A. Specific Product Precautions Caution Caution IDK04-100-C1