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Prior to Use Auto Switches Common Specifications 1 Auto Switches Common Specifications Type Leakage current Operating time Impact resistance Insulation resistance Withstand voltage Ambient temperature Enclosure Reed auto switch None 1.2 ms 300 m/s2 1500 VAC for 1 minute .1) (Between lead wire and case) Solid state auto switch 3-wire: 100 μA or less, 2-wire: 0.8 mA or less 1ms or less .3) 1000 m/s2 .4) 1000 VAC for 1 minute (Between lead wire and case) 50 MΩ or more (500 VDC measured via megohmmeter) (Between lead wire and case) .10 to 60°C IEC60529 Standard IP67 .2) Refer to the Auto Switch Precautions on pages 13 to 17 before using auto switches. . 1) Electrical entry: Connector type (A73C/A80C/C73C/C80C): 1000 VAC/min. (Between lead wire and the case) . 2) The terminal conduit type (D-A3/A3ュA/A3ュC/G39/G39A/G39C/K39/K39A/K39C), DIN terminal type (D-A44/A44A/A44C) and heat resistant auto switch (D-F7NJ) conform to IEC60529 Standard IP63. The trimmer type amplifier section (D-RュK) conforms to IP40. . 3) Excluding the solid state auto switches with a timer (D-M5ュT/G5NT/F7NT/F5NT types) and magnetic field resistant 2-color indication solid state auto switch (D-P3DWュ/P4DW). The operating time for D-J51 is 2 ms or less and for D-P3DWュ/P4DW are 40 ms or less. . 4) 980 m/s2 for the trimmer type sensor section, 98 m/s2 for the amplifier section. Lead wire length indication L (Example) Model D-LC05 D-LC30 D-LC50 Lead wire length 0.5 m 3 m 5 m Part No. of Lead Wires with Connectors (Applicable only for connector type) D-M9BW Nil MLZ N .1) SAPC MAPC SBPC MBPC SDPC MDPC LDPC Length 0.5 m 1 m 3 m 5 m None 0.5 m 1 m 0.5 m 1 m 0.5 m 1 m 3 m Tolerance ±15 mm ±30 mm ±90 mm ±150 mm . ±15 mm ±30 mm ±15 mm ±30 mm ±15 mm ±30 mm ±90 mm Connector Specifications M8-3 pin Plug connector M8-4 pin Plug connector M12-4 pin A code (Normal key) Plug connector Solid state .2) キ キ キ キ キ キ キ Reed .2) .3) . . . . . . . Symbol Lead wire length : Standard キ: Produced upon receipt of order (Standard) . 1) Applicable to the connector type (D-ュュC) only. . 2) Applicable to the D-M9ュ (V), D-M9ュW (V), D-M9ュA (V), and D-A93 only. . 3) Applicable to the D-B53/B54, D-C73(C)/C80C, D-A93(V), D-A73(C)/A80C, DA53/ A54, D-Z73, and D-90/97/90A/93A only. . 4) For reed auto switches M8 and M12 type with connector, please contact SMC. . 5) The standard lead wire length of the trimmer auto switch is 3 m. . 6) The standard lead wire length of the solid state auto switch with the timer except for the D-P3DW and D-M9ュA (V)ュ, water-resistant 2-color display solid state auto switch, wide range detection auto switch, heat resistant 2-color display solid state auto switch, and strong magnetic field resistant 2-color display solid state auto switch is 3 m or 5 m. (Product with a lead wire length of 0.5 m is not available.) Auto switch model Lead Wire Lead wires with a connector indication A 18