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Maintenance Warning 1. Perform maintenance inspection according to the procedures indicated in the operation manual. If handled improperly, malfunction and damage of machinery or equipment may occur. 2. Maintenance work If handled improperly, compressed air can be dangerous. Assembly, handling, repair and element replacement of pneumatic systems should be performed by a knowledgeable and experienced person. 3. Drain flushing Remove drainage from air filters regularly. 4. Removal of equipment, and supply/exhaust of compressed air When components are removed, first confirm that measures are in place to prevent workpieces from dropping, run-away equipment, etc. Then, cut off the supply pressure and electric power, and exhaust all compressed air from the system using the residual pressure release function. When machinery is restarted, proceed with caution after confirming that appropriate measures are in place to prevent cylinders from sudden movement. Caution 1. For lubrication, use the designated grease for each specific product. The use of a non-designated lubricant could damage the seals. Rotary Actuators Precautions 5 Be sure to read this before handling. Operating Environment 1. Do not use in an atmosphere having corrosive gases, chemicals, sea water, water, water steam, or where there is direct contact with any of these. Refer to the construction for information on the rotary actuators material. 2.Do not expose the product to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. 3.Do not use in a place subject to heavy vibration and/or shock. 4.Do not mount the product in locations where it is exposed to radiant heat. 5.Do not use in dusty locations or where water or oil, etc., splash on the equipment. Warning 27