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Air Preparation Equipment Precautions 1 Be sure to read this before handling. Design/Selection Warning Caution 1. Confirm the specifications. Products represented in this catalog are designed only for use in compressed air systems (including vacuum). Do not operate at pressures or temperatures, etc., beyond the range of specifications, as this can cause damage or malfunction. (Refer to the specifications.) Please contact SMC when using a fluid other than compressed air (including vacuum). We do not guarantee against any damage if the product is used outside of the specification range. 2. To select equipment first, thoroughly verify the purpose, specification requirements, and the operating conditions such as pressure, flow rate, temperature, environment, and power supply. Then, make a selection based on the latest catalog, making sure not to exceed the specification ranges. If something is not clear, please contact SMC before making a selection. 3. Provide a design that prevents high temperature compressed air from flowing into the outlet side of a cooling equipment. If the flow of the cooling water in a water-cooled aftercooler is stopped or if the fan motor of an air-cooled aftercooler is stopped, the hot compressed air will flow to the outlet side of the cooling equipment, causing the equipment on the outlet side such as the AFF, AM, AD, or IDF series to be damaged or malfunction. 4. Provide a design in which interruptions in the supply of compressed air are taken into consideration. There are cases in which compressed air cannot flow due to the freezing of the refrigeration air dryer or malfunction of heatless dryer in the switching valve. 5. Do not use this product for caisson shielding, breathing, medical use, medicine that is injected by humans, or for blowing air on food products. The air preparation equipment has been designed exclusively for industrial compressed air, and it should not be used for any other purpose. Due to unavoidable circumstances, if it must be used for other purposes, make sure to follow safety measures and contact SMC beforehand. 6. Do not use this product on board a vehicle or a vessel. This product must not be installed and used on board a conveyance such as a vehicle or a vessel, since it may become damaged due to vibrations. If it must be used in such a manner due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact SMC beforehand. 7. Do not disassemble the product or make any modifications, including additional machining. It may cause human injury and/or an accident. 2. Provide a design that prevents back pressure and back flow. The generation of back pressure and back flow could lead to equipment damage. Take appropriate safety measures and proper installation procedures. 3. Do not introduce an air flow that is greater than the rated flow rate. If the rated flow rate is exceeded even momentarily, it could cause insufficient moisture elimination or drainage or oil splash to the outlet side or lead to equipment damage. 4. Do not use with low air pressure (blower). The air preparation equipment, which operates at a specific minimum operating pressure in accordance with the equipment to be used, is designed to be used exclusively with compressed air. Using it below the minimum operating pressure could lower its performance or cause malfunction. If it must be used under such conditions due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact SMC beforehand. Caution 1. Design a layout in which the leakage of cooling water and the dripping of condensation are taken into consideration. A water-cooled aftercooler that uses cooling water could lead to water leakage due to freezing. Depending on the operating conditions, the refrigerated air dryer and its downstream pipes could drip water due to condensation formed by supercooling. Mounting Warning 1. Operation manual Install the products and operate them only after reading the operation manual carefully and understanding its contents. Also, keep the manual where it can be referred to as necessary. 2. Ensure sufficient space for maintenance activities. When installing the products, allow access for maintenance. 3. Tighten threads with the proper tightening torque. When installing the products, follow the listed torque specifications. Caution 1. Verify the installation position. Because the installation position differs by model, verify it in this catalog or in the operation manual. If the equipment installed is slanted, it could lead to improper drainage, causing the auto drain to malfunction, or damage to the equipment. 2. Provide ventilation space. Unless a necessary ventilation space for each piece of equipment is provided, the air-cooled aftercooler or the refrigerated air dryer could cool poorly or stall. Piping Warning 1. Hold the female thread side and tighten to the recommended torque when screwing in the piping material. Insufficient tightening torque may cause loosening or defective sealing. Over-tightening torque may damage the thread etc. If it is tightened without holding the female thread side, excessive force will be directly applied to the piping bracket resulting in a product failure. Torque Connection thread 7 to 9 12 to 14 22 to 24 28 to 30 28 to 30 36 to 38 48 to 50 48 to 50 1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4 1 2 . After tightening manually, tighten additionally by about 1/6 turn with a tightening tool. Recommended Torque Unit: N・m 11 2 36