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Design/Selection Warning 1. Confirm the specifications. Products represented in this catalog are designed only for use in compressed air systems (including vacuum). Do not operate at pressures or temperatures, etc., beyond the range of specifications, as this can cause damage or malfunction. (Refer to the specifications.) Please contact SMC when using a fluid other than compressed air. We do not guarantee against any damage if the product is used outside of the specification range. 2. The standard bowl for the air filter, filter regulator, and lubricator, as well as the sight dome for the lubricator are made of polycarbonate. Do not use in an environment where they are exposed to or come in contact with organic solvents, chemicals, cutting oil, synthetic oil, alkali, and thread lock solutions. When the above factors are present, or there is some doubt, use a metal case for safety. Caution 1. To avoid reversed connections of the air inlet/outlet, make connections after confirming the “IN/OUT” mark or arrows that indicate the direction of air flow. Reversed connections can cause malfunction. 2. Components with a bowl, e.g., air filter, filter regulator, lubricator, must be installed vertically with the bowl downward so that faulty drain discharge and dripping can be verified. 3. Ensure sufficient top, bottom and front clearance for maintenance and operation of each component. Refer to the dimensions section for the minimum clearance of each component. 3. Do not use in such a way as to frequently fill in or release the pressure from the standard bowls such as the air filter, filter regulator, lubricator, etc. Damage to the bowl may occur. A metal bowl is recommended in these cases. 4. Please consult with SMC if the intended application calls for absolutely zero leakage due to special atmospheric requirements or if the use of a fluid other than air is required. 5. The mineral grease used on internal sliding parts and seals may come in contact with outlet side components. Please consult with SMC if this is not desirable. Please contact SMC if the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the grease is required. 6. Do not disassemble the product or make any modifications, including additional machining. It may cause human injury and/or an accident. Mounting Warning 1. Operation manual Install the products and operate them only after reading the operation manual carefully and understanding its contents. Also, keep the manual where it can be referred to as necessary. 2. Ensure sufficient space for maintenance activities. When installing the products, allow access for maintenance. 3. Tighten threads with the proper tightening torque. When installing the products, follow the listed torque specifications. Caution 1. Select a model that is suitable for the desired air cleanliness by referring to SMC Best Pneumatics catalog. Effects of atmosphere of organic solvents and chemicals, and where these elements are likely to adhere to the equipment. Chemical data for substances causing degradation (Reference) Inorganic Alkaline Acid salts Chlorine solvents Aromatic series Other Amino Ether Ester Oil Alcohol Ketone Type Chemical name Application examples Material Polycarbonate Nylon Degreasing of metals Industrial salts Water-soluble cutting oil Cleansing liquid for metals Printing ink Dilution Coatings Dry cleaning Photographic film Dry cleaning Textile industries Antifreeze Adhesives Synthetic oil Anti-rust additives Brake oil additives Cutting oil Brake oil additives Rubber accelerator Hydrochloric acid Sulfuric acid, Phosphoric acid Chromic acid Sodium hydroxide (Caustic soda) Potash Calcium hydroxide (Slack lime) Ammonia water Carbonate of soda Sodium sulfide Sulfate of potash Sulfate of soda Carbon tetrachloride Chloroform Ethylene chloride Methylene chloride Benzene Toluene Paint thinner Acetone Methyl ethyl ketone Cyclohexane Ethyl alcohol IPA Methyl alcohol Gasoline Kerosene Phthalic acid dimethyl Phthalic acid dimethyl Acetic acid Methyl ether Ethyl ether Methyl amino Thread-lock fluid Seawater Leak tester : Essentially safe : Some effects may occur : Effects will occur . . . F.R.L. Units Precautions 1 Be sure to read this before handling. Acid washing liquid for metals 39