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Design/Selection Warning Mounting Warning 1. Confirm the specifications. Products represented in this catalog are designed only for use in compressed air systems (including vacuum). Do not operate at pressures or temperatures, etc., beyond the range of specifications, as this can cause damage or malfunction. (Refer to the specifications.) Please contact SMC when using a fluid other than compressed air (including vacuum). We do not guarantee against any damage if the product is used outside of the specification range. 2. Products mentioned in this catalog are not designed for the use as stop valve with zero air leakage. A certain amount of leakage is allowed in the product's specifications. Tightening the needle to reduce leakage to zero may result in equipment damage. 3. Do not disassemble the product or make any modifications, including additional machining. It may cause human injury and/or an accident. 4. The flow characteristics for each product are representative values. The flow characteristics are characteristics of each individual product. Actual values may differ depending on the piping, circuitry, pressure conditions, etc. Also, there are variations in the zero needle rotations position of the flow characteristics, depending on product specifications. 5. Sonic conductance (C) and critical pressure ratio (b) values for products are representative values. For controlled flow direction values the needle is fully open. For free flow direction values the needle is fully closed. 6. Check if that PTFE can be used in application. PTFE powder (Polytetrafluoroethylene resin) is included in the seal material for piping taper thread of male thread type. Confirm that the use of it will not cause any adverse effect on the system. Please contact SMC if the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is required. 7. Speed controller is designed to control the speed of the actuator. When it is used for adjusting the flow rate of the air blow, use a restrictor without check valve function (X214 or X21). Warning 1. Operation manual Install the product and operate it only after reading the operation manual carefully and understanding its contents. Also, keep the manual where it can be referred to as necessary. 2. Ensure sufficient space for maintenance activities. When installing the products, allow access for maintenance. 3. Tighten threads with the proper tightening torque. When installing the products, follow the listed torque specifications. 4. Screw the R screw into the Rc thread and NPT screw into the NPT thread. 5. Confirm that the lock nut is tightened. A loose lock nut may cause speed changes in the actuator. 6. Check the degree of rotation of the needle valve. Products mentioned in this catalog are retainer type so that the needle is not removed completely. Over rotation will cause damage. 7. Do not use tools such as pliers to rotate the knob. It can cause idle rotation of the knob or damage. 8. Verify the air flow direction. Mounting backwards is dangerous, because the speed adjustment needle will not work and the actuator may lurch suddenly. 9. Adjust the needle by opening the needle slowly after having closed it completely. Loose needle valves may cause unexpected sudden actuator extension. When a needle valve is turned clockwise, it is closed and cylinder speed decreases. When a needle valve is turned counterclockwise, it is open and cylinder speed increases. 10. Do not apply excessive force or shock to the body or fittings with an impact tool. It can cause damage or air leakage. 11. Refer to the Fittings and Tubing Precautions (pages 44 to 47) for handling One-touch fittings. 12. Tubing O.D. o2 Tubing other than that from SMC cannot be used, because it may result in inability to connect the tube, air leakage after connecting the tube or disconnection of the tube. 13. To install/remove the flow control equipment, use an appropriate wrench to tighten/loosen at the supplied nut are on body B, and as close to the thread as possible. Do not apply torque at other points as the product may be damaged. Rotate body A manually for positioning after installation. 14.Do not use body A and universal type fittings for applications involving continuous rotation. Body A and the fitting section may be damaged. Flow Control Equipment Precautions 1 Be sure to read this before handling. Body B Body A Mounting A 48