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Warning Caution 20. Avoid repeatedly bending, stretching or applying load to the cable. Applying repeated bending, tensile stress or load to the cable can damage the wire. The recommended bend radius of the cable is 6 times the outside diameter of the sheath, or 33 times the outside diameter of the insulation material, whichever is larger. 21. Do not perform wiring while the power is ON. Touching the terminal or connector while the power is ON may cause an electric shock. Performing wiring while the power is ON may result in malfunction or failure. 22. Use appropriate countermeasures against surge when using a load which generates a surge voltage. If surge voltages are repeatedly applied, this may cause malfunction or failure. 23. Do not use in an area where surges are generated. If the product is used in an environment where surges are generated (solenoid lifter, high frequency induction furnace, motor, etc.), malfunction or failure may occur. Take appropriate measures before using the product. 24. Route the wires of the product separately from power or high voltage cables. If the wires of the product are routed with power or high voltage cables, malfunction or failure may occur due to noise. 25. Confirm proper insulation of the wiring. If there is insulation failure (short circuits, faulty ground connection, improper insulation between terminals, etc.), malfunction or failure may occur. 26. Do not use the product in a place where static electricity is a problem. It may result in system failure or malfunction. 1. Slight scratches or dirt on the display or the product body will not cause a problem. Please continue to use the product. 2.Ensure sufficient space for installation and maintenance. 3. Install the product while taking into consideration the internal voltage drop. (Electrical type only) Verify the equation below is satisfied after checking the operating voltage of the load. Power supply voltage - Product internal voltage drop > Minimum operating voltage Even though the product operates normally, if the operating voltage is not satisfied, the load may not operate. 4. Pay attention to the write limit of the input data. (Electrical type only) The input data (the set value, etc.) is written into memory, so if the power supply is cut, the data will not be lost. However, there is a limit to the number of write operations. Refer to the operation manual for the write limit. 5.Do not use solvents such as benzene, thinner etc. to clean the product. They could damage the surface of the body and erase the markings on the body. Use a soft cloth to remove stains. For heavy stains, use a cloth lightly dampened with diluted neutral detergent, then wipe up any residue with a dry cloth. Pressure Switches/Flow Switches Precautions 2 Be sure to read this before handling. Refer to the SMC website for the "Operation Manual" for further precautions. 53