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1. Filters and strainers 1. Be careful regarding clogging of filters and strainers. 2. Replace filter elements after one year of use, or earlier if the pressure drop reaches 0.1 MPa. 3. Clean strainers when the pressure drop reaches 0.1 MPa. 2. Lubrication When using after lubricating, never forget to lubricate continuously. 3. Storage In case of long term storage after use with heated water, thoroughly remove all moisture to prevent rust and deterioration of rubber materials, etc. 4. Exhaust the drainage from an air filter periodically. Caution 1. Removal of product The valve will reach a high temperature when used with high temperature fluids. Confirm that the valve temperature has dropped sufficiently before performing work. If touched inadvertently, there is a danger of being burned. 1. Shut off the fluid supply and release the fluid pressure in the system. 2. Shut off the power supply. 3. Dismount the product. 2. Low frequency operation Switch valves at least once every 30 days to prevent malfunction. Also, in order to use it under the optimum state, conduct a regular inspection once a half year. Warning Maintenance 1. Valves will reach high temperatures from high temperature fluids. Use caution, as there is a danger of being burned if a valve is touched directly. 2. For pilot type 2-port solenoid valves, when the valve is closed, sudden pressure resulting from the startup of the fluid supply source (pump, compressor, etc.) may cause the momentary valve to open and leakage to occur, so please exercise caution. 3. When problems are caused by a water hammer, install water hammer relief equipment (accumulator, etc.), or use an SMC water hammer relief valve (Series VXR). Please consult with SMC for details. 4. Make sure when using pilot type 2-port solenoid valves that the flow direction is from 1 (IN) to 2 (OUT). The valve is designed based on a flow direction of 1 (IN) to 2 (OUT) and harnesses the fluid pressure of port 1 (IN) when the valve opens or closes. If reverse pressure (2 (OUT) to 1 (IN)) is applied, it may lead to a reduced service life or cause damage to parts early on due to chattering or pulses from the main valve (diaphragm, piston, etc.). If there is a possibility that reverse pressure will be applied, take countermeasures by installing the check valve, etc. at the downstream side. When installing the check valve, allow ample space between the valve and the check valve. If it is placed near the valve, it may cause chattering and pulses in the main valve. Applicable models . Pilot type 2-port solenoid valve Series VXD, VXED, VXZ, VXEZ, VXS, VXP and VXR Warning Precautions 2 Port Solenoid Valves for Fluid Control Precautions 3 Be sure to read this before handling. For detailed precautions on each series, refer to the main text. 56