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Caution 1. Refer to the Fittings and Tubing Precautions (pages 44 to 47) for handling One-touch fittings. 2. Preparation before piping Before piping is connected, it should be thoroughly blown out with air (flushing) or washed to remove chips, cutting oil and other debris from inside the pipe. 3. Use caution regarding the flowing direction of the fluid. When installing piping to a product, do not mistake the flow direction of supply port, etc. Check “IN” and “OUT” or labels and the operation manual before connection. 4. Sealant tape When installing piping or fitting into a port, ensure that sealant material does not enter the port internally. When using sealant tape, leave 1.5 to 2 threads exposed on the end of pipe/fitting. 5. Take countermeasures against condensation. Depending on the operating condition, condensation may occur in the piping. In such a case, take countermeasures such as installing insulation material, etc. Connection thread Proper tightening torque (N・m) Tightening Torque for Piping 1.5 to 2 7 to 9 12 to 14 22 to 24 28 to 30 28 to 30 36 to 38 40 to 42 48 to 50 48 to 50 M5 Rc 1/8 Rc 1/4 Rc 3/8 Rc 1/2 Rc 3/4 Rc 1 Rc 1 1/4 Rc 1 1/2 Rc 2 Warning 1. For this product and future equipment, design of the piping system should be performed by a knowledgeable and experienced person. 2. Work performed on the piping should be done by a knowledgeable and experienced person. If work performed on the piping is done by a less knowledgeable and inexperienced person, it will likely lead to operating fluid leakage, etc. 3. Thoroughly read the operation manual. Read the operation manual completely before piping. Also, keep the manual where it can be referred to as necessary. 4. Tighten threads with the proper tightening torque. When installing fittings, etc., follow the given torque levels below. 5. Confirm the leakage of fluid. Confirm that the hose or tubing is not pulled out and that there is no leakage in the fitted parts. Temperature Control Equipment Precautions 2 Be sure to read this before handling. For detailed precautions on each series, refer to the main text. Mounting/Installation Piping Piping Warning Caution 1. Provide space for ventilation and maintenance. Provide enough space for the ventilation requirement of each equipment. Otherwise, a cooling malfunction or operation stoppage may occur. Also, provide space required for maintenance. 2. Verify the mounting orientation. Mount and install horizontally. 1. Installation should be performed by a knowledgeable and experienced person. Especially, installation of a heavy object is dangerous. This product is heavy. Use adequate caution to avoid falling and dropping accidents from occurring. 58