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Hydraulic Cylinders Precautions 3 Be sure to read this before handling. 1. Perform maintenance inspection according to the procedures indicated in the operation manual. If handled improperly, malfunction and damage of machinery or equipment may occur. 2. Removal of equipment When machinery is removed, first ensure that there are measures in place to prevent the fall or sudden, erratic movement of driven objects and equipment. Then, cut off the air supply and electric power, and reduce the pressure in the system to zero. When machinery is restarted, proceed with caution after confirming that appropriate measures are in place to prevent cylinders from sudden movement. Maintenance Warning 1. Perform periodic maintenance on filters installed in a hydraulic system in order to keep the oil clean. If the oil used in hydraulic cylinders contains foreign matter, parts such as the piston seals and rod seals will be damaged. Caution Operating Environment Warning 1. Do not use in an environment where there is a danger of corrosion. Refer to each construction drawing on the cylinders material. 2. Install a protective cover if the product is to be used in a dusty environment or where it will be exposed to chips and spatter. When water droplets or coolant are spattering, use a water resistant hydraulic cylinder. 1. Install hydraulic fluid filters. Provide your hydraulic system with hydraulic fluid filters with a filtration degree of 10 μm or finer. Refer to the SMC’s hydraulic filter specifications. 2. Use the product within the specified range of fluid and ambient temperature. Take measures to prevent freezing, since moisture in hydraulic fluid will freeze at 0°C or below, and this may cause damage to seals and lead to malfunction. 3. Use hydraulic fluid with a viscosity grade equivalent to ISO VG32 or VG46. Caution 1. Use clean fluid. Do not use deteriorated fluid or fluid containing foreign matter, moisture or corrosive additives, as this can cause the malfunction and damage or corrosion of parts. Hydraulic Fluid Warning 63