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Operating Environment Warning 1. Avoid use in the following environments. a. Areas with large amounts of dust or cutting chips that could enter the product. b. Areas where the ambient temperature exceeds the specified range. (Refer to the specifications.) c. Areas where the ambient humidity exceeds the specified range. (Refer to the specifications.) d. Areas with corrosive gas, flammable gas, sea water, water and steam that could adhere to the product. e. Areas where strong magnetic or electric fields are generated. f. Areas where direct vibration or impact shock is applied to the product. g. Areas where there is large amounts of dust or is exposed to water/oil droplets. h. Areas that are exposed to direct sunlight (ultraviolet rays). i. Areas at altitudes of over 1000 m Heat radiation performance and withstand voltage may be lowered. For details, consult with SMC. Warning 1. Do not disassemble or repair the product. Fire or electric shock can result. 2. Before modifying or checking the wiring, the voltage should be checked with a tester 5 minutes after the power supply is turned off. Electrical shock can result. Warning 2. Do not use in an environment where the product is directly exposed to liquid, such as cutting oils. If cutting oils, coolant or oil mist adheres to the product, failure or increased sliding resistance can result. 3. Install a protective cover when the product is used in an environment directly exposed to foreign matters such as dust, cutting chips and spatter. Looseness or increased sliding resistance can result. 4. Shade the sunlight in the place where the product is applied with direct sunshine. 5. In locations near heat sources, block off them. When there is a heat source surrounding the product, the radiated heat from the heat source can increase the temperature of the product beyond the operating temperature range. Protect it with a cover, etc. 6. Grease oil can be decreased due to external environment and operating conditions, and it deteriorates lubrication performance to shorten the life of the product. Warning [Storage] 1. Do not store the product in a place in direct contact with rain or water drops or is exposed to harmful gas or liquid. 2. Store in an area that is shaded from direct sunlight and has a temperature and humidity within the specified range (.10°C to 60°C and 35 to 85% no condensation or freezing). 3. Do not apply vibration and impact to the product during storage. Maintenance Handling Operating Environment Caution 1. Perform maintenance work according to the procedures indicated in the operation manual. Improper handling can cause an injury, damage or malfunction of equipment and machinery. 2. Removal of equipment When equipment is removed, first confirm that measures are in place to prevent dropping or runaway of driven objects, etc., and then proceed after cutting off the electric power. When starting up again, proceed with caution after confirming that conditions are safe. [Lubrication] Caution 1. The product has been lubricated for life at manufacturer, and does not require any further lubrication. When lubrication is applied, special grease must be used. Please read the maintenance manual of each actuator. Caution [Unpackaging] 1. Check the received product is as ordered. If the different product is installed from the one ordered, injury or damage can result. Warning [Grounding] 1. Be certain to ground the actuator. 2. Dedicated grounding should be used. Grounding should be to a D-class ground. (Ground resistance of 100 Ω or less.) 3. Grounding should be performed near the actuator to shorten the grounding distance. Electric Actuators Precautions 3 Be sure to read before handling. Caution 2. Conduct the following inspection before operation. a) Confirm that the power supply line or each signal line is not broken. b) Confirm that the power supply line or each signal line is not loosened. c) Confirm that the electric actuator/cylinder/controller/driver is not mounted loosely. d) Confirm that the electric actuator/cylinder/controller/driver is operated correctly. e) Confirm the function of the emergency stop of the total system. 3. In case several persons are doing the job, determine the procedure, signs, measures against abnormality and restarting measures in advance. Then, let the person who is not doing the job, supervise that job. 4. The product can operate at a different speed from the set speed depending on load and resistance. When selecting a product, check the catalog for the instructions regarding selection and specifications. 5. Do not apply a load, impact or resistance in addition to the transferred load during return to origin. The product is made return to origin by pushing force, which causes the displacement of origin position. 6. Do not remove the name plate. 7. Operation test should be done by low speed. Start operation by predefined speed after confirming there is no trouble. B 66