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Warning 1. Do not use the lock as a safety brake or a control that requires a locking force. The lock used for the product with lock is designed to prevent dropping of workpiece. 2. For vertical mounting, use the product with lock. If the product is not equipped with lock, the product will move and drop the workpiece when the power is removed. Please ensure that your safe equipment designs include measures against falling workpieces. 3. “Drop prevention” means preventing a workpiece from dropping due to its weight when the product operation is stopped and the power supply is turned off. 4. Do not apply an impact load or strong vibration while the lock is activated. If an external impact load or strong vibration is applied to the product, the lock will lose it’s holding force and damage to the sliding part of the lock or shortening of lifespan can result. The same situations will happen when the lock slips due to a force over the holding force, as this accelerates the wear to the lock. 5. Do not apply liquid or oil and grease to the lock or its surrounding. When liquid or oil and grease is applied to the sliding part of the lock, its holding force will reduce significantly. 6. Take measures against drops and check that safety is assured before mounting, adjustment and inspection of the product. If the lock is released with the product mounted vertically, a work piece can drop due to its weight. 7. When the actuator is operated manually (when SVRE output signal is off), supply 24 VDC to the [BK RLS] terminal of the power supply connector. If the product is operated without releasing the lock, wearing of the lock sliding surface will be accelerated, causing reduction in the holding force and the life of the locking mechanism. 8. Do not supply 24 VDC power supply constantly to the [BK RLS (Lock release)] terminal. Stop supplying 24 VDC power supply to the [BK RLS (Lock release) terminal during normal operation. If power is supplied to the [BK RLS] terminal continuously, the lock will be released, and workpieces may be dropped at stop (EMG). Actuator with Lock Electric Actuators Precautions 4 Be sure to read before handling. 67 A