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70 Process Gas Equipment Common Precautions 1 Be sure to read before handling. Warning 1. Confirm the specifications. The compatibility of the product with specific equipment must be decided by the person who designs the equipment or decided its specifications based on necessary analysis and test results. The expected performance and safety assurance of the equipment will be the responsibility of the person who has determined its compatibility with the product. Warning 1. Confirm the specifications. When selecting the product, confirm the operating conditions, such as type of gas, operating pressure (inlet and outlet), flow rate, operating temperature etc., and use within the operating range specified in the catalog. The product may not be suitable for use with specific gases and applications/ environments. Check the compatibility of the product materials with the process gas. Design the equipment and select the product by understanding the characteristics of gas. 2. Follow the regulations and laws, defined by the country or local government, or organization standards. Reference: High Pressure Gas Safety Act, Labor Safety and Sanitation Law etc. Warning 1. Operation Manual Mount and operate the product after reading the manual carefully and understanding its contents. Also keep the manual where it can be referred to as necessary. Caution 1. Flush the piping thoroughly with inert gas before installing the products. Remove any dust or scales thoroughly as they could cause malfunction or failure of the product. Do not flush with gas other than inert gas, as this could cause dangerous situations. 2. Do not touch the fitting or the wetted parts of the products by hand. Do not apply grease or oil to the products. 3. Ensure sufficient space for maintenance activities. Ensure sufficient space for maintenance activities. 4. Connect compression fittings. Typically 1-1/4 turn past finger tight of the nut after inserting the tube into the fitting. Please use stainless steel material for piping. After installation, perform a leak test. Design Selection Mounting Mounting Caution 5. Connect pipe thread fittings. Thread fitting or piping into body and tighten it at recommended torque. When holding the product, hold its body section. Apply PTFE tape or sealant on the thread of the piping, fitting, etc. When using the sealant, other than the PTFE, it will be difficult to fully remove the sealant and this could cause malfunction or failure of the product. 6. After installation, perform a leak test. Perform a leak test, such as helium leak test, pressure decay test, bubble leak test, etc., depending on the application. It is recommended to perform a helium leak test on all face seal connections and tube welds per the industry standards (refer to SEMI F1). Storage and Operating Environment Warning 1. Do not use in an area having chemicals, sea water or water, or where there is direct contact with any of these. 2. Do not use in a place subject to heavy vibration and/or shock. 3. Keep ambient temperature and use gas within the specified operating temperature. Remove any sources of excessive heat. 4. Do not keep the products in stock in an area, where any dust or water coming in, and keep in dry conditions, where there is no contact with humidity.