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71 Process Gas Equipment Common Precautions 2 Be sure to read before handling. Maintenance Warning 1. Perform a routine maintenance. Perform a routine maintenance at customer’s responsibility by taking into consideration the operating conditions of the equipment. It is recommended to perform a routine maintenance for the following: External leakage, Internal leakage (Across the seat leak), Performance etc. 2. Shut down system before removing the product from system for repair or replacement. Follow the proper procedures to shut off the process gas supply and vent the system. 3. Purge hazardous gases from system before removing the product from system. 4. Do not disassemble products under warranty. The warranty may be voided if product is disassembled. Operation Warning 1. Do not put the heavy objects on the products. Do not use the products as scaffold. 2. Do not use the products in conditions that do not meet the product specifications. Product Returns When returning the product to SMC, make sure to properly purge to remove all hazardous materials and return the product complying with SMC specified procedures. For details, please contact SMC. Export Warning The products fall within the United States Export Administration Regulations (EAR) regarding sale, export and re-exports. It is the exporter’s responsibility to assure that these regulations are followed when the products are exported. Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) related to the products is as follows. Regulations (including ECCN) are subject to change with amendment of law. Latest information regarding these regulations should be checked by customer. Reference: Bureau of Industry and Security (USA) http://www.bis.doc.gov/ 1) 2B999.g (1) Product name : Diaphragm valve (2) Body material : 316 SS