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114 Inch Size Uni Metric Size Uni Inch Size R Inch Size NPT Metric Size R, Rc Metric Size G Inch Size M, R, Rc Inch Size UNF, NPT Metric Size M, R, Rc Gasket Seal Face Seal Sealant/Gasket Seal Series KQ2 Made to Order/Clean Series/Spare Parts Please contact SMC for detailed dimensions, specifications, and lead times. Example) 10-KQ2H07-U01N Please consult with SMC separately for applicable models. 1 Made to Order 2 Clean Series 3 Spare Parts Note) The following model is not available as made-to-order: Male connector/KQ2H Symbol Specifications 10- Brass parts: With electroless nickel plated Lubricant: Fluorine grease Air blow in a clean room Double package Resin body/Release button color: White Symbol Specifications X12 Lubricant: White vaseline Release button color: White X35 Note) Body color: Black Release button color: Orange Description Part no. Applicable thread Gasket KQG-U01 Uni1/8 KQG-U02 Uni1/4 KQG-U03 Uni3/8 KQG-U04 Uni1/2