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Straight line Mounting pitch A Recommended No good Caution Fig. 2 When using a tying band to bind the piping together Fig. 1 Recommended piping Recommended Piping Conditions 1. When connecting piping to the One-touch fitting, use pipe length with sufficient margin, in accordance with the piping conditions shown in Fig. 1. Also, when using a tying band, etc., to bind the piping together, make sure that external force does not come to bear on the fitting. (See Fig. 2.) Unit: mm 1. When using a tubing other than from SMC, be careful of the tolerance of the tubing O.D. and tubing material. 1) Nylon tubing Within ±0.1 mm 2) Soft nylon tubing Within ±0.1 mm 3) Polyurethane tubing Within +0.15 mm, Within .0.2 mm 2. When using fittings other than those from SMC, be certain to confirm that operating conditions are such that no problems will arise. Do not use the tubing which does not satisfy the specified tubing O.D. accuracy, or if the tubing has a different I.D., material, hardness, or surface roughness from those of SMC’s tubing. Please consult SMC if there is anything unclear. It may cause difficulty in connecting the tubing, leakage, disconnection of the tubing, or fitting damage. When used with tubing other than those from SMC, due to their properties, the products listed below are not subject to warranty. KQG2, KQB2, KFG2, KF, o2M Tubing Design/Selection Tubing size Mounting pitch A Straight line Nylon tubing Soft nylon tubing Polyurethane tubing length o2 . . 13 or more 10 or more o3.2, 1/8" 44 or more 35 or more 25 or more 16 or more o4, 5/32" 56 or more 44 or more 26 or more 20 or more o3/16" 67 or more 52 or more 38 or more 24 or more o6 84 or more 66 or more 39 or more 30 or more o1/4" 89 or more 70 or more 57 or more 32 or more o8, 5/16" 112 or more 88 or more 52 or more 40 or more o10 140 or more 110 or more 69 or more 50 or more o3/8" 134 or more 105 or more 69 or more 48 or more o12 168 or more 132 or more 88 or more 60 or more o1/2" 178 or more 140 or more 93 or more 64 or more o16 224 or more 176 or more 114 or more 80 or more Fittings & Tubing Precautions 5 Be sure to read this before handling. 120