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Selectable seal method. Selectable surface treatment . Brass (No plating) . Brass + Electroless nickel plated Height with multiple usage is uniform. Effective space of height direction Face seal adopted for threading 薩ace seal 惨ealant Re-piping is possible. Face seal Repeated re-piping some 6 to 10 times is possible due to use of elastic sealant on seating. Sealant Sealant tape is necessary because sealant becomes separated with repeated installation. Prevention of sealant residue/protrusion Existing sealant type leaves residue and protrudes out from the threading when installing, making it necessary to clear away the residue using an air blower or similar. However, no residue is created when using a face seal. Number of rotations after hand-tightening 1/6 of a rotation or less Improved installability (Reduced tool-tightening after hand-tightening) Uni thread type Sealant Effective space Uniform height Uneven heights Face seal Sealant . Connection thread: R, NPT Face seal Face seal Inch size Metric size Number of rotations after hand-tightening 2 to 3 rotations At hand-tightening After tool-tightening At hand-tightening After tool-tightening Connection thread: M, R, Rc Connection thread: UNF, NPT, M, R, Rc Connection thread: NPT, R Connection thread: G, R, Rc One fitting is applicable to various threads, such as Rc, G, NPT and NPTF. Connection thread: Rc, G, NPT, NPTF Sealant/Gasket seal Face seal Uni One-touch Fittings Gasket seal Connection thread: Rc, G, NPT, NPTF Features 1 Series KQ2 A