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57 One-touch IN/OUT Applicable Tubing connection. Possible to use in vacuum to .100 kPa Seal Stud Release button (Orange) O-ring Body Chuck Guide M, R, Rc Connection thread Series KQ2 Inch Size One-touch Fittings Can be used for a wide range of pressures from a low vacuum up to a pressure of 1 MPa. The use of a special profile ensures sealing and reduces resistance when the tube is inserted. Suitable for use with nylon and urethane. The chuck provides secure retention and the collet increases the holding force on the tube. Requires little force for removal. Releases the chuck collet to remove the tube as well as to prevent the chuck from biting too deeply into the tubing. Effective when piping in a confined space. Body part rotates allowing for positioning. Made to Order Specifications (Refer to page 63 for details.) Applicable Tubing: Inch Size, Connection Thread: M, R, Rc Specifications Note 1) The surge pressure must be under the maximum operating pressure. Note 2) Do not use the fittings with a leak tester or for vacuum retention because they are not guaranteed for zero leakage. Fluid Air/Water Note 1) Operating pressure range Note 2) .100 kPa to 1 MPa Proof pressure (at 23°C) 3 MPa Ambient and fluid temperature .5 to 60°C, Water: 0 to 40°C (No freezing) Thread Mounting section JIS B0203 (Taper thread for piping) JIS B0205 (Metric coarse thread) Nut section JIS B0205 (Metric fine thread) Seal on the threads With sealant Principal Parts Material Body C3604, PBT, PP, Stainless steel 303 Stud C3604 (Thread portion), Stainless steel 303 (Thread portion) Chuck Stainless steel 304 Guide Stainless steel 304 Release button POM Seal, O-ring NBR Gasket Stainless steel 304, NBR Tubing material FEP, PFA, Nylon, Soft nylon, Polyurethane Tubing O.D. o1/8", o3/16", o1/4", o5/16", o3/8", o1/2"