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58 Inch Size One-touch Fittings Series KQ2 Applicable Tubing: Inch Size, Connection Thread: M, R, Rc Inch Size Uni Metric Size Uni Inch Size R Inch Size NPT Metric Size R, Rc Metric Size G Inch Size M, R, Rc Inch Size UNF, NPT Metric Size M, R, Rc Gasket Seal Face Seal Sealant/Gasket Seal KQ2 H 05 01 A S One-touch Fittings Model Male thread seal method Thread material/Surface treatment Applicable tubing O.D. Port size * ョ: A, N * Only for “Bulkhead union”. How to Order Spare Parts Use the part number below to order the gasket for M5 thread. Gasket for M5 thread: M-5G2 Symbol Thread material/Surface treatment A Brass N Brass + Electroless nickel plated Bulkhead union Ml Only for “Bulkhead union” Symbol Size M5 M5 x 0.8 01 1/8 02 1/4 03 3/8 04 1/2 00* Same diameter tubing Symbol Size 01 o1/8" 05 o3/16" 07 o1/4" 09 o5/16" 11 o3/8" 13 o1/2" Symbol Seal method Nil None S With thread sealant Symbol Model H Male connecter L Male elbow T Male branch tee W Extended male elbow Y Male run tee U Branch “Y” E Bulkhead union Bulkhead connector Threaded Type