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2 Metric Size One-touch Fittings Series KQ2 Applicable Tubing: Metric Size, Connection Thread: M, R, Rc Inch Size Uni Metric Size Uni Inch Size R Inch Size NPT Metric Size R, Rc Metric Size G Inch Size M, R, Rc Inch Size UNF, NPT Metric Size M, R, Rc Gasket Seal Face Seal Sealant/Gasket Seal KQ2 H 06 01 A S One-touch fittings Model Male thread seal method * ョ: A, N Thread material/Surface treatment Accessories Spare Parts KQ2 H 06 00 A One-touch fittings Model Applicable tubing O.D. Port size/Applicable tubing O.D. Port size/Applicable tubing O.D. Use the part number below to order the gasket for M3, M5 and M6 threads. Gasket for M3 thread: M-3G2 Gasket for M5 thread: M-5G2 Gasket for M6 thread: M-6G * Only for “Bulkhead union” and “Bulkhead male elbow”. Applicable tubing O.D. How to Order Symbol Size 02 o2 23 o3.2 04 o4 06 o6 08 o8 10 o10 12 o12 16 o16 Symbol Size Tubing connection 00* Same dia. tubing Thread connection M3 M3 x 0.5 M5 M5 x 0.8 M6 M6 x 1.0 01 R1/8, Rc1/8 02 R1/4, Rc1/4 03 R3/8, Rc3/8 04 R1/2, Rc1/2 Symbol Size Tubing (Rod) connection 00 Same diameter tubing 99 Same diameter rod Different dia. tubing (Reducer) 23 o3.2 04 o4 06 o6 08 o8 10 o10 12 o12 16 o16 Symbol Size 02 o2 23 o3.2 04 o4 06 o6 08 o8 10 o10 12 o12 16 o16 Symbol Model H Straight union Different diameter straight L Union elbow Plug-in elbow Reducer elbow LU Branch union elbow W Extended plug-in elbow T Union tee Different diameter tee TW Cross TX Different diameter cross TY Different diameter cross D Delta union U Union “Y” Plug-in “Y” Different diameter union “Y” UD Different diameter double union “Y” X Different diameter plug-in “Y” R Plug-in reducer XD Double plug-in “Y” Symbol Name KQ2N Nipple Reducer nipple KQ2C Tube cap KQ2P Plug Symbol Thread material/Surface treatment A Brass N Brass + Electroless nickel plated G Stainless steel 303 (Connection thread/Only male thread and M3) Bulkhead union lJ Interchangeable with KJE Symbol Seal method Nil None Symbol Model S With thread sealant H Male connector S Hexagon socket head male connector F Female connector L Male elbow LU Male branch connector K 45° male elbow V Universal male elbow VS Hexagon socket head universal male elbow VF Universal female elbow LF Female elbow VD Double universal male elbow VT Triple universal male elbow Z Branch universal male elbow ZF Branch universal female elbow ZD Double branch universal male elbow ZT Triple branch universal male elbow W Extended male elbow T Male branch tee Y Male run tee D Male delta union U Branch “Y” UD Double branch “Y” E Bulkhead union Bulkhead connector LE Bulkhead male elbow N Adapter Threaded Type Tube Tube Type