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Hexagon socket head male connector KQ2S P.68 Male connector KQ2H P.68 Universal male elbow KQ2V P.69 Extended male elbow KQ2W P.70 Bulkhead connector KQ2E P.71 Male elbow P.69 P.70 KQ2L Male branch tee KQ2T Female connector KQ2F P.68 Internal hexagon socket allows tightening with a hexagon wrench in confined spaces. Hexagon head of the body allows tightening with a box wrench in confined spaces. Basically, it is used together with male elbow. Different point is that it is used for fittings to avoid interfering with each other by making the piping multi-level. Use to connect male thread and tubing through a panel, etc. Use to pipe a female thread. Most general model. Use to pipe a female thread at right angles. Most general model. Use to branch a female thread at both 90° angles. Use to pipe a male thread of a pressure gauge, etc. Variations Metric Size One-touch Fittings Male run tee KQ2Y P.71 Use to branch a female thread at a 90° angle. 67