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Specifications Piping size 1/4" fitting integrated type 1/4" fitting integrated type Flange type Flange type 1/4" fitting integrated type A B C D E Symbol Passage N.C. N.O. N.C. N.O. Double acting Integrated fitting type Flange type Symbol AXT836 A N.C. N.O. Double acting 1 22.0 MPa 2 Port Air Operated Valve Specifications A, C (N.C. type) 0 to 22.0 MPa 0 to 20.0 MPa B, D (N.O. type) E (Double acting) 0.4 to 0.7 MPa 0.3 to 0.5 MPa Fluid Fluid temperature Ambient temperature Operating pressure range Proof pressure Pilot pressure range Valve leakage Orifice diameter Air/Inert gas .10 to 60°C (No freezing) .10 to 60°C (No freezing) 35.0 MPa 0.1 cm3/min or less 2.8 mm Made to Order Series VCH40 Made to Order Specifications: Please consult with SMC for detailed size, specifications and delivery. 365 VCHョ VDW VQ LVM