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Equipment Variation Example of driving a cylinder Pilot operated 3 port solenoid valve VCH410 Pressure switch ISE75(H) P P P P P Description Related Equipment Features Series Page VCH41(N.C.) VCH42(N.O.) VCHN3 VCHN4 ISE75(H) VCHR30 VCHC40 VCH410 P.358 Best Pneumatics No.t Best Pneumatics No.y Best Pneumatics No.y P.361 P.362 VCHR40 Maximum operating pressure (MPa) 5.0 Pilot operated 2 port solenoid valve Check valve Pilot operated 3 port solenoid valve Direct operated regulator (Relieving type) Silencer Pressure switch 5.0 Noise reduction 35 dB(A) (At supply pressure 4.0 MPa, back pressure 2.0 MPa) Clogging-reduction with double-layer construction 2-color display Metal body (Aluminum die-cast) Inlet pressure 6.0 Set pressure 0.5 to 5.0 10.0 15.0 5.0 Port size 1/4 1/2 3/4 1 11/4 11/2 Made to Order 6.0 MPa pilot operated regulator (Air operated type) 22.0 MPa 2 port air operated valve 1 2 Service life: 10 million cycles Adopting a polyurethane elastomer poppet in a valve seat. Improved durability under a high pressure environment. P.365 Best Pneumatics No.t 5.0 Relief valve release pressure: 1.8 MPa Pre-forming Die opening/ closing 367 VCHョ VDW VQ LVM