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Fluororesin heat exchanger allows direct temperature control for chemical liquids!! Industry-leading withstand pressure 0.35 MPa!! Type of circulating fluid . Deionized water . Hydrofluoric acid . Ammonia hydrogen peroxide solution, etc. Chemical Thermo-con Temperature controller Fluororesin heat exchanger Pump Facility water Chemical fluid tank or chemical bath Peltier device (Thermo-module) POWER AT SEL RET ON OFF THERMO-CON SEMI Standard S2-0706, F47-0706 RoHS With leakage detection function Operating temperature range: 10°c to 60°c Temperature stability: ±0.1°c Cooling capacity (with water): 300 W, 500 W, 750 W Series HED Peltier-Type Temperature Control System for Chemical Liquids Chemical Thermo-con 1423 HRG HRS HRZ HRZD HRW HEC HEB HED HEA IDH