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PFA wetted parts material prevents contamination from metal ion elution. No need for a tube-type heat exchanger. Allows direct control of chemical temperature. Compact and Light Self-developed heat exchanger matched to the configuration of the Peltier device (Thermo-module). Compact and light Applications Existing model Peltier device (Thermo-module) Model HED003 HED005 HED007 W 130 150 D 263 294 H 170 222 Weight 8 kg 14 kg 15 kg Heat Exchanger The outline dimensions do not include protruding parts such as the foot flange and tube. Model HED003 HED005 HED007 W 100 140 165 D 320 350 447 H 215 215 215 Weight 6 kg 8 kg 13 kg Temperature Controller The outline dimensions do not include protruding parts such as the foot flange, screw and connector. No need for a tubetype heat exchanger. Can directly control temperature of chemical liquids. Series HED H D W H D W Chemical fluid tank Tube type Pump heat exchanger Circulator for water Chemical Thermo-con Series HED Chemical fluid tank Pump Fluororesin heat exchanger Temperature controller POWER AT SEL RET ON OFF THERMO-COM Indirect temperature control Direct temperature control Cleaning equipment Plating equipment Wet etching equipment, etc. Deionized water Hydrofluoric acid Sulfuric acid (except fuming sulfuric acid) Copper sulfate solution 10 to 60°C 10 to 40°C 10 to 50°C 10 to 50°C Applicable Fluid Examples Ammonia hydrogen peroxide solution Sodium hydroxide Ozone water 10 to 60°C 10 to 60°C 10 to 60°C . No condensation Note) Chemial Thermo-con is not designed to be explosion proof, so it is not suitable for flammable fluids. Chemical Operating temperature range Chemical Operating temperature range 1424