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Principle of Peltier Device (Thermo-module, Thermoelectric device) Construction and Principle The Peltier device (thermo-module, thermoelectric device) is plate-shape solid state element with P-type, N-type semiconductor arrayed alternately. When direct current is supplied to the element, heat moves from one surface to another along with electron flow in N-type semiconductor and electron hole in P-type semiconductor. As a result of the heat move, one surface of the element absorbs heat and decrease temperature. And other surface heats up. When the DC current is switched to reverse direction, the heat move will also be reverse direction. Therefore, Peltier element can achieve heating effect as well as cooling effect depending on the current direction. It can achieve high speed switching and precise temperature control. The temperature controller controls the circulating fluid in the heat exchanger. A temperature sensor (platinum resistance temperature detector) installed in the heat exchanger sends a signal to the controller, which changes the temperature of the circulating fluid by adjusting the output direction and energizing time of the built-in DC power supply based on the difference between the set and measured temperatures. This product can be used safely since the sensor to detect leakage of the circulating fluid is installed as a standard device. Noise filter Power supply switch PE Temperature controller Heat exchanger Fan DC power supply Controller Circulating fluid Peltier device (Thermo-module) Circulating fluid IN OUT Heat exchanger (Circulation fluid side) Heat exchanger (Cooling side) Facility water Facility water IN OUT Electron flow Electron hole flow Facility water Circulating fluid Current Heat suction (cooling) Heat generation (heating) N P DC power supply Heating Electron flow Electron hole flow Facility water Circulating fluid Current Heat radiation (heating) Heat suction (cooling) N P DC power supply Cooling Temperature sensor Leakage sensor T 1425 HRG HRS HRZ HRZD HRW HEC HEB HED HEA IDH