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Series XSA Specifications Construction/Operation <> By energizing the coil assembly w, the armature assembly r overcomes the composite force, consisting of the force acting on the valve u due to differential pressure and the reactive force of the spring y, and is adsorbed to the core assembly e, opening the valve u. When energizing of the coil assembly w is canceled, the armature assembly r is separated from the core assembly e by the reactive force of the spring y, closing the valve u. <> o Spacer: A spacer used to raise the body when fastening it onto a flat area. Note 1) The actuation pressure difference indicates the difference between Port P (high pressure side) and Port A (low pressure side). Example) In the case of 0.3 MPa, Port A is a vacuum (1 Torr or less), while Port P can be pressurized to 0.2 MPa {2 kgf/cm2}. Note 2) Reverse pressure potential indicates the pressure which can be applied from Port A when Port P is at atmospheric pressure. Note 3) Indicates case of grommet type electrical entry. P OUT IN A P Stroke Model XSA1-12 XSA1-22 XSA2-22 1.3 x 10.9 {1 x 10.8} at ordinary temperatures, excluding gas permeation 1.3 x 10.11 {1 x 10.10} at ordinary temperatures, excluding gas permeation 1.3 x 10.11 {1 x 10.10} 1.3 x 10.10 {1 x 10.9} VCRR/SWJ (Swagelok)R 200 5 to 40 Inert gas XSA2-32 XSA3-32 XSA3-43 Internal Fitting External VCRR SwagelokR Leakage Pa m3/s Operating temperature °C Service life (Million cycles) Piping connection system Fluid Orifice diameter mmo Cv factor Actuation pressure difference MPa Note 1) Reverse pressure potential MPa Note 2) Connection size Power consumption W Port A pressure Pa Action {Torr l /s} 2 3 4.5 6 0.17 0.33 0.6 1.05 0.8 0.3 1.0 0.3 0.8 0.3 0.5 0.25 0.4 0.2 0.2 0.15 1/4B 6 8 11.5 Weight kg Note 3) 0.3 0.5 0.6 3/8B Allowable voltage fluctuation % ±10 1 x 10.6 Normally closed direct acting 2 port solenoid valve Rated voltage 100 VAC (with full wave rectifier) 6/12/24/48/100 VDC q Retainer (Maintenance part) w Coil assembly (Maintenance part) e Core assembly (Maintenance part) r Armature assembly (Includes y u, maintenance part) t Exterior seal (Maintenance part) y Spring (Maintenance part) u Valve i Body (For SwagelokR) i Body (For VCRR) o Spacer (Optional) 30