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Coil assembly Applications Terminal box Coil insulation type B Class B insulation VX021 . 001 C B . 05 Size part no. Applicable Series 001 002 No.1 Solenoid No.2 Solenoid XSA1 XSA2 003 No.3 Solenoid XSA3 Electrical entry Nil T None With terminal box Rated voltage Note1) 05 24VDC 51 55 6VDC 100VDC 06 12VDC 53 48VDC G Grommet C D Conduit DIN terminal Electrical options Nil None S L With Surge voltage suppressor With light Z With light/surge voltage suppressor How to Order Coil Assembly (DC for XSA)  How to Order (Example) Series XSA1 with 12VDC grommet. Mode: VX021-001GB-06 (Example) Series XSA2 with 24VDC DIN terminal (terminal box). Mode: VX021-002DBT-05 (Example) Series XSA3 with 24VDC terminal, surge voltage suppressor and light. Mode: VX021-003CBTZ-05 Coil combinations (Electrical entry, Coil insulation type, Electrical options) Electrical entry Without electrical options With electrical options With surge voltage suppressor With light With light/surge voltage suppressor Grommet Conduit DIN terminal GB CB CBT DB DBT GBS . CBTS . DBTS . . CBTL . DBTL . . CBTZ . DBTZ . The applicable voltage with light, and with light/surge voltage suppressor, is 24VDC only. Note 1) If the leading "0" is removed from voltage symbols 05, 06, these are the same as the solenoid valve symbols. . Refer to the Construction/Operation sections for construction numbers. XSA1 VX070-010-1 VX021-001GB-X44 XSA122-30-1 XSA122-30-4 AS568-016V XSA2 VX070-011 VX021-002GB-X44 (Refer to the section "How to Order Coil Assembly") XSA232-30-1 XSA232-30-4 XSA3 VX070-012 VX021-003GB-X44 XSA343-30-1 XSA343-30-4 Straight solenoid valve (normally closed) Description Retainer Coil assembly Core assembly Armature assembly Exterior seal 100VAC DC AS568-019V Construction No. Maintenance Parts Specific Product Precautions 6 Be sure to read before handling. Front matter 6